Thrive Market

Have you tried Thrive Market? I keep seeing it mentioned on YouTube videos and I have gotten more curious about it lately. I’m forever going to various grocery stores for a couple things I can only find at that store and currently I cannot find oat bran anywhere!

On top of the time it takes to go to Trader Joe’s for a couple things (plus all the other things I see while I’m there), I find I attract irritating people. People that block the aisle with their carts, or hold up the line arguing with the already frazzled cashiers, you know? I’m not a total hermit but some days I’d rather not spend the whole day going to Sprouts, Publix, and Target.

I’ve been going around the house and comparing prices to the Thrive Market website. Then it occurred to me that maybe I’d save space in the house because I wouldn’t feel the urge to stock up on stuff. I hate going to target so I buy multiples of items so I don’t have to go back so much.

Anyway, what are your favorite things to buy on Thrive Market?