Thrive Market Unboxing

Thrive Market Unboxing

I thought about making this my very first YouTube video but who wants to watch me wipe down each item with bleach? I mean, maybe y’all do? I’m so tired of wiping down everything with bleach, but those are first-world problems. At least we have food to wipe down.

Anyhoo, here’s what we got this week. Apparently, I was feeling snackish when I ordered this box.

There’s Schar gluten-free bread, Brussels sprout puffs, coffee, Jovial gluten-free lasagna noodles, Bob’s Red Mill chocolate peanut butter bars, sugar, pumpkin purée, almond milk, chickpeas, veggie chips, brown sugar, ground flaxseed, tamari, baking cups, and Simple Mills tomato basil crackers.

Those veggie chips! They are so good and Thrive was out of them for ages. My kids like these specific ones because they are crunchy but kinda soft, if that makes sense? You don’t feel like you might crack a tooth is what I’m getting at.

Brussels sprouts puffs sound like a weird thing for my kids to be addicted to, but whenever I ask my kids what they want from Thrive Market, this is the first thing they add to the list.

Bob’s Red Mill bars… not the most inexpensive of snacks, but they are very filling, unlike some cereal bars. I don’t eat many of them, but they are really good popped in the fridge.

Tomato Basil crackers are another snack that isn’t cheap, but again, is filling. They are made with almond flour so they don’t leave you hungry again in 30 minutes.

The Schar bread isn’t the #1 choice for gluten-free bread but it’s egg-free. We prefer a different brand, but since we aren’t going out to grocery stores, this is what we get now. It’s been so long that I can’t remember what the preferred gluten-free bread is, but the packaging was green and white.

The other stuff isn’t nearly as exciting, but it’s ingredients for cooking. I use tamari to make sauces. The flaxseed meal goes in baked oatmeal, mostly. Sugar – we don’t use a ton of sugar, but it was available so I ordered some. Pumpkin purée is mostly for baked oatmeal, but I like pumpkin smoothies, too. Coffee – can’t get enough of that in quarantine!

A few words about Thrive Market…

Things have really calmed down. Orders don’t take 2-3 weeks to arrive and I see they are having deals and sales again. They also don’t have restricted shopping hours anymore.

This box was packed by someone who clearly spent some time playing Tetris as a kid. Everything was packed like a puzzle and nothing was broken or smashed. The last couple of boxes have been like this. They use mostly this meshy brown paper to wrap things and plastic to contain anything that might spill. I’ve never had anything break or spill before though.

I did get one box that hadn’t been taped properly, the bottom fell out, and the delivery company literally swept everything back into the box. Pasta packages were broken and there were twigs in the box. Thrive refunded my money and I try now to watch the weight of my boxes.

Funny story – I got a box that wasn’t mine. (Thrive refunded this one, too.) But in this box were mostly things we could eat. Peanut butter, different jams, a small jug of syrup, and Annie’s Chocolate bunnies. We’d never had these bunnies and now they are a part of our regular orders. There are a few things we can’t eat, which I’ll donate and to kinda “pay” for what we kept, I donated to their covid relief fund.

Thrive Market has really responsive customer service. Oh, they even contacted me with a $10 credit for a box that was showing as not delivered on their end. I let them know I’d received everything and they let me keep the $10.

I joined in January and it’s probably one of the best decisions I made because I have been able to keep ordering groceries without leaving the house. We supplement with Amazon Fresh but we get a lot of our snacks and staples from Thrive Market.

What’s your favorite thing to order from Thrive Market?

*This post isn’t sponsored by Thrive Market or any of the brands mentioned in this post.