Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate – Completed!

I’m still planning to share tons of information I learned in the classes, and I can post more now that I’m finished. I did want to take a moment to post this resource though – if you go on the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies website, there is a TON of information on there for FREE! Perhaps start with their guide for eating well on a budget for some really good tips on what to buy at the store to get started and how to save money.

There’s also a page with over 400 recipes and cooking tips.

I really learned a lot in this course. Yeah, it was a little expensive (and I spent kind of a lot of time on the lessons because I took a lot of notes). But I have already seen changes in my shopping behavior in that I’m already eating much less processed foods. My 10-year-old’s digestive issues have resolved because I’ve been more focused on getting rid of convenient junk foods.

If you are considering this course, it is most definitely worth it!