Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Pro Complete

I have a Ninja blender and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s the best blender I’ve tried and it’s lasted 2-3 years now with pretty heavy use. But it’s big. I feel guilty every time I use it for a small amount because it takes up so much space in the dishwasher.

So I started researching all the “bullet” blenders. I watched a ton of youtube videos and read blog posts comparing all of my options. I had no idea Instant Pot made a blender! Finally, I got it narrowed it down between another Ninja and the NutriBullet brand.

I watched one final video before heading to Target (again!) and one reviewer commented that the base on the Ninja is more stable and the cups were sturdier. That, plus I know Ninja works well, and I was sold. I didn’t care for the lack of buttons on the basic Ninja and the NutriBullet because I’m afraid I’ll be blending and won’t be able to untwist the cup thingy.

My only regret is that I didn’t buy it to make more smoothies this past summer!

*this post isn’t sponsored by anyone or any company