My New Journey

Confession time: I’m a food blog addict. I have been reading them since forever, probably 2007 or 2008, I can’t remember. I learned how to cook in my late 20s by reading Simply Recipes, among others. I lived off of Simply Recipes Banana Bread recipe for ages because it was so good and easy to make. A couple others that have inspired me are Budget Bytes, Oh She Glows, and Minimalist Baker. I love them because Budget Bytes breaks down every cost for a recipe and Minimalist Baker tries to keep things simple, yet delicious! Oh She Glows has this recipe for cookie dough bites that I don’t think my family could live without. I’ve bought their books and I have learned so much from so many food bloggers along the way. I’d probably still be eating soup from a can if it weren’t for their hard work.

I’ve dabbled in food blogging myself, but nothing really serious until now. I’m also a cookbook collector and I enjoy trying new recipes. A little over a year ago I quit eating meat and about 6 months before that, I was diagnosed with a bunch of food allergies. My new dietary restrictions led to me finding new food blogs and cookbooks and re-learning how to cook. My kids will ask if I miss a food and honestly the answer is “no” because I’ve found so many new things to try!

I hope that this blog can help people that are learning to cook vegan and/or gluten-free, as the bloggers who came before me helped me learn to feed myself and my family. I also hope to share recipes that help you save money while eating a healthier plant-based diet. I’ll be sharing recipes, reviewing cookbooks and kitchen tools, and sharing new things I find at the grocery store. I’ll be posting at least twice a week here and more on my Instagram page (I’m @thriftyveganeats there and @thriftyveganeat on twitter). Eventually I’d like to post how-to videos and reviews on youtube (my channel is @thriftyveganeats). I’m working on my food photography, but for now all pictures will be taken on my iPhone.

This website project is a work in progress and I welcome helpful comments and suggestions! If you have an idea or just want to connect with another vegan/food allergy person, comment here or email me at I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned over the years and chatting with you all!

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified any cookbooks, foods, or tools reviewed here are *not* sponsored as I’ve spent my own money buying them.