I have blogged here for almost a year now. I can’t say I’ve given it 100% because, lets be honest, I’m distracted. Back in January I thought I’d give it another try, learned a lot about food photography and even bought some props. Then coronavirus happened. All of my mental energy has gone into adapting – finding new places to buy food so I don’t have to go out, changing the things we eat because I can’t pop out to buy fresh produce or some random ingredient, and just doing all sorts of things that y’all probably aren’t interested in. Or maybe you would like to read about my gardening fails.

Anyway, I know it’s been a year because I got the heads-up from Bluehost that it’s time to renew. I can’t with $225 for the renewal fee. The first year was closer to $100, which is kinda reasonable for a year of hosting. Anyway, that’s a no from me.

Plus I kinda want a change. I really like the name I chose, but it’s focused solely on food and cooking. I have ideas for posts that I don’t write because they aren’t related to food and so I don’t write them. Like gardening, and homeschooling, and sewing, and lately I’ve been cross-stitching. And don’t forget knitting… so many things!

So I’m moving to Medium. My new home will be Hope to see you there! I’m going to move my posts over there in the coming weeks… and then I’ll repin everything to Pinterest.