Misfits Market – Our First Box

Misfits Market – Our First Box

First off, this post is not sponsored. I researched and watched a couple of YouTube unboxing videos to get an idea of what to expect. I placed the order on Monday night and it arrived on Thursday morning. I actually didn’t think when I ordered that it would be processed in time for delivery this week, but I was pleasantly surprised!

We got back from the pool and were hungry so these photos were hurried. The kids immediately washed a piece of fruit each to eat while they waited for lunch to cook.

So first off, there were four ice packs on top and they were still half-frozen. I read the instructions where you drain the goo out and you can recycle the plastic outer part. We kept one ice pack to re-use.

The insulation is made of a cornstarch base and it’s kind of fun to dissolve in water. You can compost it at home and recycle the plastic outer packaging. There also a couple of green produce bags that are also home compostable.

Here you can see a mystery lettuce (what kind of lettuce is this?), mangos, limes, and there are tomatoes in those compostable clamshell containers. You can read more about the eco-friendly packaging here. I was pretty happy with the packaging.

Here’s what we got this week:

Don’t mind the salt shaker and hand sanitizer container 🙂
One of my kids is pointing at something? I dunno.

In all we got 2 eggplants, 4 plums, 6 apples, 4 green peppers, 6 limes, 4 squash, 2 mangos, 1 bunch multicolored carrots, 4 red onions, 6 jalapeños, 2 large garlic bulbs, 2 ginger roots, 2 mystery lettuce, 3 large tomatoes. This was 18-20 pounds of organic produce in the Madness box. This was $34 plus $4.50 flat-rate shipping. I didn’t weigh the box but it was heavy!

What makes a misfit?

We wondered why these fruits and veggies were “misfits” and we could see that the apples were a little small and one bell pepper was misshapen. Another bell pepper was a little discolored and cracked, probably happened in shipping. That was the only thing I put in compost straight away. The tomatoes are on the verge so I’ll need to use them soon. Honestly though, everything else looks as good or better than the grocery store.

Challenge accepted

This is where things get interesting because I don’t know what to make with the eggplants or the jalapeños. I’ll grate and freeze the ginger. The plums and apples are easy to eat and the mangos can go with sticky rice, which I haven’t made in a while. The garlic and onions can be chopped and frozen, as can the tomatoes. Those can all be used in biryani or soup. I’ve been meaning to use carrot tops to dye yarn. Nothing will go to waste!

But eggplants and 6 jalapeños… hrm… got any ideas?

Update: I looked on their site and the mystery greenery might be collard greens. I have never eaten collard greens!