I Just Threw Out My Instant Pot

I got an Instant Pot as a gift a while back and I really like the idea of the thing. But I’ve had issues with it ever since I started using it. I’d be trying to make Rainbowplantlife’s Chickpea Biryani and half the time the IP wouldn’t pressurize. So when I opened it up, hoping for, you know, cooked food – the rice wouldn’t be cooked and the veggies would still be frozen. I’ve done all the things from checking all the moving parts, fiddling with the sealing ring, to unplugging it and plugging it back in. But today I’m done with the Instant Pot.

Today was another doozy. My youngest had a nosebleed in the middle of the night and honest to jeebus, there have surely been crime scenes with less blood. She had blood on her shirt, her stuffed animal, and a throw pillow. It was mostly pooled on the pillow but she wiped it everywhere else. Pro-tip: plain peroxide works better than Spray n Wash on blood. Not great, but better. She’s still sick and my oldest is still coughing. In fact, he just coughed on me earlier and welp, it’s been nice knowing y’all.

And I never got a shower because remember that tornado from 3 weeks ago? Well, the tree people finally got to our name on their list today. That and 2 sick kids who took turns needing something from me and getting a shower wasn’t happening.

So when it came time to make dinner, I naively thought I’d make a tried and true recipe. Just throw everything in the pot, push a button and be done? Not today, apparently. I fought with the IP today only because I didn’t have a plan b for dinner. An hour and a half later (for rice and some frozen veggies!), I texted my husband and told him the Instant Pot may be on the street when he got home.

But in reality, it’s sitting in the Goodwill pile. For now. I’m not sure I want to subject some unsuspecting person to this demon-possessed pot.

Update: I never made it to Goodwill before the lockdown. I’ll probably try to use the Instant Pot again, though I suspect there’s an issue with the electronics inside it. Wish me luck!