Busy Summer

How is it that in May you have visions of a nice, relaxing summer and it inevitably turns into madness? I do this every year and I really should know better! And we homeschool, for Pete’s sake! I do not envy anyone in the “back to school” section at Target.

This summer my kids haven’t done quite as many camps as in the past. My youngest did an American Ninja Warrior camp which resulted in an injured foot (thankfully not broken, but still a trip to urgent care). Toward the end of that week we learned that strep was going around. My kids both had sore throats but not strep. My oldest went to his camp uneventfully, which was a first. (He almost always catches a summer cold there.)

Then last week was his birthday and for his birthday he got to go to Minute Clinic because he had strep throat. I guess that’s still going around at karate? Thankfully I had made an Instant Pot cheesecake the previous day because his birthday got postponed for a few days.

We’ve also been going to the pool 3 days a week and all those hours of swimming knock me out! I’m thinking more about a nap than cooking something exciting for dinner so it’s been a lot of pesto pasta and salads. Last week we had trees cut down and this week we’re having the house painted and the deck stained. I can’t even remember the last time I went for a proper trip to the grocery store.

I’ve been trying to use the Instant Pot more, especially when it’s super hot. I’ve made chickpea biryani several times, baked potatoes, and more than a couple of cheesecakes. Oh em gee, I’m becoming one of the Golden Girls with my cheesecake obsession!

Tonight I’m making fried rice. It’ll be gluten-free and egg-free for my youngest, who doesn’t like eggs and for me since I’m vegan.

I also have everything lined up to make another cheesecake. Cue Golden Girls theme music…